Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ok, I'll admit it - I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE!! The treasures you can find to use in the barn seem endless. Here is a shopping list so you can stock up at the dollar store:

Baby oil - to get that pretty glossy face and to soften the chestnuts for removal
Baby powder -to get the white on the legs whiter
Baby shampoo - for quick spot removal
Baby lotion - put into a a squirt bottle and add a bit of water so it can be used on mane or body and it works great on heel cracks too
Clear small rubber bands - for banding the mane and tail and works for any color hair
Brushes - extras for the whole body, look for pet brushes, cleaning brushes and people brushes
Towels - for bathing, eye and nose wiping, hoof buffing - I have even found the microfiber ones that are great for buffing a shine on your horse's body
Sponges - for bathing, medications and tack cleaning
Buckets - all kinds for all kinds of uses
Squirt bottles - for fly sprays, spot remover, lotion (see above), medications, detangler
Hooks - lots of them to put on a wall and hang everything from buckets and scissors to tack
Scissors - for cutting hay bales and manual clipping
Mouth wash - for washing out feed tubs and water buckets
Scrub brush - those toilet brushes are awesome bucket scrubbers!
Shower caps - yep, you heard me, use these to premix feed in grain pans and cover for later to keep the critters out

My list cost only $15 if you buy one of each. That is a huge savings over buying your supplies at the standard stores. Have fun and let me know if you find any new items to add to the shopping list!

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Juliann said...

I have picked up free buckets from the bakery department of grocery stores. They are usually 3 gallon buckets. Lots of uses!